There are steps that are advisable to follow: 

Step 1:

You cannot advertise some product over night but you can imagine it. This is the first step of advertising. It is not possible for anyone to imagine something and see the results next day. This brings us to the next step planning.


There is always some planning required. Since a huge amount of budget is involved some random planning cannot be applied.

Step 3:

Then we come to create. The creation of the goal is the reason why the advertising campaign was planned. It should be created preferably in words. It also helps in maintaining a track of where the campaign is leading to.

Step 4:

Improving. After the implementation of the plan the problems that were faced in practically applying it should be rectified.

Step 5:

The last but not the least is the response of the people. Asking people about the changes they require and what problems they faced; to employees and to consumers; as both are important. It is the only source to judge the success or failure of the advertising strategy.


The combination of all the steps helps an advertising campaign successful.